Welcome to Year 2

Beyond the Bowl with the Las Vegas Host Committee!

Inaugural Year Recap

Reflecting on our inaugural year fills us with pride as we recall the remarkable journey we embarked on together. Our commitment to community, networking, and showcasing the vibrant spirit of Las Vegas has been unwavering.

Networking Events

Ambassadors gathered at prestigious venues such as Born And Raised, LA Comedy Club, Cat’s Meow, and the NFL Alumni Monthly Huddles, fostering meaningful connections and solidifying community bonds.

Exclusive Access

Ambassadors enjoyed access to thrilling activities like Flavors of Aloha, Battle 4 Vegas, NFL Alumni Draft Party, and more, showcasing our dedication to the growth and prosperity of our city.

LV Sports Connect

Our groundbreaking initiative provided invaluable insights into the impact of sports and major events on our local economy, emphasizing our dedication to education and awareness.


Proudly contributed over $130,000 to Las Vegas non-profits, demonstrating our commitment to making a positive impact on the community we cherish.

Passion for Sports

Events like the Las Vegas Host Committee Inaugural Bowling Tournament and Celebrity Golf Tournament celebrated our shared love for sports and strengthened community bonds.

Super Bowl LVIII

The pinnacle of our inaugural year marked Las Vegas’s first Super Bowl, where Ambassadors enjoyed exclusive access to a series of events.

Exciting Additions for Year 2

Partnership Expansion

Thrilled to announce new partnerships with Las Vegas Motor Speedway, NHRA, Desert Dogs, Las Vegas Aviators, and more exciting collaborations.

Educational Initiatives

Launching an internship and scholarship program in collaboration with the Nevada Broadcasters, providing invaluable opportunities for aspiring talents in the broadcasting industry.

Non-Profit Expansion

Continuing to expand our contributions to non-profits, ensuring a wider reach and positive impact on the diverse needs of our community.

Join Us

As we embark on Year 2: Beyond the Bowl, we look forward to fostering connections, creating unforgettable memories, and contributing to the continued success of our beloved city. Join us in this exciting journey!